New Styles?

  1. I thought i read here somewhere that there maybe some new styles coming out w/ amore? has anybody seen or heard more news about this? :shrugs:
  2. i didn't see any new styles... then again all i saw was the mamma mia, gioco, buon viaggio, camppaggio, and ciao ciao... I think that was it...
  3. Didn't someone say something about a laptop bag? And that the new styles were going to be bigger? I don't really know for sure though
  4. yup that was me...but i didnt say that its going to come out in amore... i said that there were going to be new styles but idk what print will it come out with it...and idk know if that laptop/dvd bag is true..but thats what the lesportsac SA told me...if i get any updates i will post you might want to check out your SAs in your area and see if this is true. if more ppl ask and they end up getting the same thing, then probably its true...:biggrin: