New styles - which one to have

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  1. Hi, I noticed that Prada has a few new styles that I really like. Especially the Odette, Diagramme crossbody camera style bag, and also the Monochrome Saffiano. Does anyone has any of these styles and can share your feedback on how you are enjoying the bags?

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  2. I simply do not understand the popularity of these wallet sized so-called handbags. For date night, OK, but for daily use? Forget it.

    I don't carry huge bags, but there are things I need that none of these wallet sized items could begin to accommodate. Even the basics such as phones, sunglasses, keys, lipstick/balm and credit cards (typically in some type of card holder) couldn't fit into these. I'd rather have more room than I need than to have to deal with cramming the basics into something too small.
  3. All I carry daily is my phone, my key and a few cards so to me a WOC-sized bag is perfect as I don't wan't to carry any excess weight if it's not necessary. But I can of course see where you are coming from, but I simply prioritise differently on the days when I don't need much, and I love that there are nice options for all preferences. :smile:
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  4. Hi, I do not own any of these styles, but I noticed them too. In particular the monochrome and the Odette are really interesting and the Saffiano is very durable. I saw the Diagramme at the boutique and while it is really well made and the leather is soft I’m afraid it will be prone to scratches and I heard the chain tends to leave marks on light coloured clothing. The Diagramme is definitely bigger than a wallet on chain and I think the others are similar in size.
  5. I like the second one as long as it comes with a Crossbody strap. The first one would be most spacious. I don’t like the last one.
  6. Just purchase prada diagramme last week. Light weight n classic

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  7. Yes, I really like the monochrome style. I believe the saffiano leather is very durable because I have a Prada saffiano wallet from 2006 and it still looks very good after so many years of use. I see only very slight corner marks. Indeed i am quite concerned about the issues people are discussing about the Diagramme bag. But I think it’s a very beautiful camera style bag that will fit everything i need as I don’t like to carry much.

    I think it comes with a long strap. I like to wear cross body bags, so the strap is a must have for me.

    Congrats! You have a very nice neutral colour Diagramme bag. Black is the most versatile colour, but I have too many black bags already, so I am looking to add a cream or grey coloured small bag to my collection. Just curious if you are concerned about the chain leaving stains on clothing? I read about this issue and am wondering how true is that.
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