New Styles for '08....anyone???

  1. Does anyone have any info about the new styles for '08. Pictures etc? I want to wait list but need to see the new styles before I make any decisions! Thanks girls!
  2. I can summarize the stuff I've heard from various sources. There are a few pictures in the threads about Spring '08. The new, sort of flat hobo style is called the Slim, and is a giant hardware bag. The red bag posted in the spring thread, which appears to be tall and to have a round bottom, is, I'm told, pretty big, and is shaped like a rather large bucket. I'm not sure of the official name. I had earlier heard about a similarly shaped bag that did not have a strap/handle like the red one, but two rope straps/handles. It supposedly looks sort of like a backpack in how those are attached. This may be called the Marine. I've been told it is pretty cute, much more so than the biggy bucket (but that's just someone's opinion). All these bags may be available only in GH, but I'm not sure, except for the Slim. That's all I've heard, in case it helps.
  3. any chance they will make the work with shoulder strap?
  4. I would love to know as well... Even though I am a First and acc's gal, have one city that I love as well I am very bad to lean towards the classic's
  5. Not a chance. :cry: