New style Swing Pack

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  1. came home with me today. It reminds me of the Ergo:


    It says it's Hamptons, pebbled leather. It's yummy. From Macy's. It also came in sand.
  2. nice,

    is this a new style for spring 07?
  3. I think it might be, it's style # 10796
  4. Nice! The pebbled leather is so soft - nice find!
  5. Cute! I like the stripe.
  6. so cute! Congrats!
  7. that is too cute
  8. i am not a fan of swing packs but i really like this one. thanks for sharing!
  9. I saw this on but my macy's didn't have it IRL. Cute! I like the black best!
  10. Very NICE! Congrats!
  11. Me too, but this one is way cute.
  12. I really like this swing pack, Congrats!