new style references at LP's site :)

  1. bi fold wallet

    pochette (discontinued)

    giant traveller (new in fall 2007)

    giant flat zip clutch (new in fall 2007)

    thanks LP, u're the best :love:
  2. thanks LP!!! you're the best! :heart:

    actually while scrolling down the page to look at the styles, I realised, so many are discontinued! Some really popular ones, some fairly new that I didn't give them a chance, like the ghost, the oval, the shopping...
  3. oooooh...wasn't really a fan of GH bags, but that Giant zip clutch looks like something I would consider buying!

    Thanks LP and Seahorse!
  4. I saw that the discontinued pochette is showing up on as being from the new collection Spring/Summer 2007 ??
  5. ^ huh, so it is! I definitely thought the fold-over pochette was discontinued!? I actually just went through the list recently and added all the pics people have sent me, and marked as discontinued all the ones I thought were done... there are an awful lot, aren't there? but when you consider how many new styles they keep introducing I guess it makes sense - the basic styles stay and the others come and go. Anyway, um - if anyone has the real story about the pochette, please let me know. styledrops sometimes gets the color/season info wrong so I'm not sure if I should take their word for it that the pochette is still around - anyone seen one in a store or tried ordering one recently?
  6. Yeah - I'm pretty sure that styledrops could be completely wrong about it!! *lol*
  7. doesn't styledrops sell fake bbags? the leather looks terrible :wtf: on their site! love the style, but not if it's fake...
  8. No, from all I have heard, they sell authentic. The pics on their site certainly look authentic (looking at bales, etc.). The pochette pic looks like the exact same photo that is on LP's site.
  9. I think new style should be selling authentic bags as i saw the price for each bbag is around retail price or slightly higher....i saw one weekender bag 07 in dark brown looks great.....:dothewave:

  10. Typo error, the price is much higher than AR or even retail prices:jammin:
  11. Right - out of the three retailers who sell authentic Balenciagas online - two of them charge exorbitant prices (styledrops & Rafaello). They're not supposed to be selling Balenciaga online anyway - I don't know why they continue to fly under the radar.
  12. I was at BalNY about 2 weeks ago and they had a pochette in marine available. I was looking at it and Daphne brought out another color (brown) pochette to show me. So as far as I know, not discontinued yet ;)
  13. I thought the shoulder was discontinued as well. Does someone have more info on that?
  14. [​IMG]
    Loving this! :drool:
    Thanks so much for the update!
  15. What colour is that? I LOVE it!!!