New Style Poney / Club - Smaller Version of the Day

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone has one or has seen one and can post pictures. I haven't had the opportunity to see one in real life, so it'd be great if I could see pictures. Additionally, if someone could tell me what it retails for.

    I usually get my bags from HgBags or Aloha Rag but they're both not carrying it! Any suggestions for online purchases?

    Thanks in advance everyone! :smile:
  2. This is the Poney - in RH and CGH.

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  3. Thanks MichK!

    Anyone knows how much this retails for?
  4. Thsi bag will retail for somewhere in the vicinity of $1200.
    I am waiting to see this bag myself at Bal NY. I hope they
    get it soon. If it is too small I am staying with a Pourpre Day
    or Pourpre City.
  5. Thanks LizCordova!

    Could you please report back after you've been to BalNY? :biggrin::biggrin: TIA!
  6. wait, it is smaller than the day,but more expensive?
  7. i'm still waiting to see this one in use, how it hangs and slouches etc
  8. That was my exact thought.:confused1:


  9. Probably because of the giant covered hardware. The GCH Days retail for about the same - so its about right.
  10. ^That makes sense. Can't wait to see more of this style. Looks like it's fun bag for just on the go or just going out. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Oh I love this style too! Can't wait to see it IRL
  12. Does anyone have the measurements for this beauty?

  13. Oh OK, that makes more sense. I thought that the RH was $1200. :Push:

  14. I haven't seen it, but was told by someone who saw it at market that it isn't really so small. If on the shoulder, it hits about at the hip.
  15. too:P