New Style: Polly

  1. hi ladies, I manage to see polly IRL today, in cumin color.
    when i put it on, it's slouchy nicely.
    the long strap is adjustable, can worn crossbody, shorter than velo (i'm 165cm).

    i think it's very chic to wear long strap to office or even travelling.
    they carry dark night, cumin and rose thulian , all in rh.

    try to get take pics next week. will be post it soon.
  2. I'll wait for your photo. :smile: I'm very interested in it. Maybe something nice and blue. :smile:
  3. Very nice, but my Twiggy is wide-mouthed enough for me!
  4. Reminds me of my box.
  5. Hi, i do not own a Polly, only the Box and Maxi Twiggy, sorry :smile:
  6. Yes, it can be worn crossbody and it falls higher than Velo which goes too low.
  7. this is the polly in cumin color ...kinda like this style, easy to wear.
  8. Umm... Not liking it so far... I prefer twiggy to it. But maybe it look better IRL? I'm still curious.
  9. Ohhh! That's really cute!!!
  10. I just bought this bag from soon as I can, I'll post pics. What I love....adjustable (it is, although not advertised as such!!), long shoulder strap (my problem with the City is the strap is not long enough). The straps fits my 5'6" frame just right and can be worn cross body when needed. It is not as big as Velo or Part Time. And it is a more classic/structured shape than City. Polly is not too wide for me, but large enough to hold what you need without overpowering me.
  11. Sounds great. I also have problems with the straps. The Velo strap is too long even if it was made adjustable it still is too long. I hope you enjoy it. Do post pics as soon as you can.:smile:
  12. I really like it, cute can't wait to see modeling pics!
  13. Too sporty for my taste..
  14. Hmm... not a big fan of how structured it is - I'm not into bowler bags. I love how Bal is known for its slouchy bags. But I would love to see mod pics as well!
  15. Oh very cute

    just a bit big for me