New style paddington - smaller padlock

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  1. Ladies,
    May I ask your opinions on the new style paddingtons (i.e. the ones with smaller padlocks). Do any of you own one and how would you compare them with the paddingtons with the normal (larger padlocks).
    Many thanks.
  2. Hi Rascal, do you mean like the capsule one that was on Koodos? It has a very small lock but the bag itself is really small too.
  3. Hi Tiree - no. There are (what looks like) a normal paddington but with a smaller padlock on front and no flap.
  4. Oh, I'll need to have a look around. I was in HN on saturday and definately didn't see any like that.
  5. Thanks Tiree..
  6. Yes many styles with the smaller lock came out last season or two seasons ago. Some were just attached to the front. Some were with chains that draped across. I have a capsule and it is very nice - just a slightly different look. Is that what you mean?
  7. thanks divnanata. it must be that - it is described as a paddington with the new style padlock..
  8. Sounds interesting!
  9. oh yeah i know this one, this is a TPFer selling this one!!

    they are lighter, i think they look fab!
  10. ^^ Thanks BMB - I think they look pretty cool. Love the colour!
  11. RascalCat - I don't have this exact bag, but I do have a dome medium bag with the mini lock on the side. As Div says, these came out a few seasons ago (I got mine in S/S 2007). I can tell you for a fact that my mini lock bag is MUCH, MUCH lighter than my regular paddies w/regular lock. I didn't realize how much weight that padlock adds to the bag! But I love them all just the same. And I get equal amount of compliments no matter which bag I use. :yes:
  12. nope. like the lock. its my fav part.
  13. ^ me too. i like the bid paddy