New style opinions

  1. I was at NM today and they just got in the new style, not sure of the name... Looks simular to the Paddington, but has a smaller padlock with a chain across the front. Also they redesigned the handle drop so it easily fits on your shoulder. Awesome soft pebble leather. I think it was going for $1950ish.

    Have you seen it? What do you think? I am so confused, there are so many great bags out there!

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  3. Hi chabich - that's the new summer paddington!

    I'm still undecided (perhaps because the original paddy was my first... sigh, it's true, you NEVER forget your first!).

    It's a real shame, though - I've already seen the knockoffs in the chain stores and they're not very good. I think it might be one of those bags where a significant design feature is the quality of the materials... so the cheap copies really do just look cheap and terrible.

    All in all it is quite cute and I'd definitely consider one if it has fabulous leather, as you said!