New style of Guccisima is in stores

  1. FYI...I browsed the Gucci boutique the other day and on my way out I noticed a medium shoulder bag in the black and the brown Guccisima. Very, very nice bags. I asked the SA when did they come out, b/c I didn't see it on the website and she told me a week ago. She said they were all surprised when they got the shipment. This is the style...
  2. oooohhh u got the borchie...very nice i have it....kinda fustrating the straps dont go longer............but it isn't guccissima...
  3. I just posted my bag so everyone would know the style I was talking about. I wish I did have the guccissima version. I'll take a leather bag over fabric anyday. :smile: It'll be up on the Gucci site before long. Just giving a heads up.
  4. yea they should make more of they're bags in guccissima....*cross fingers*
  5. I saw a woman carrying this last weekend in the brown. It looks like a great casual bag - just funky enough
  6. I've seen it in the brown leather ooooh so nice.