New Style numbers for 2.55 Reissue

  1. Hello everyone....... I am here to clear up all the confusion with Chanel's new style numbers for the 2.55 reissues. It seems that we are all running around trying to figure this out... at least i was. I am the Manager for Chanel at Hirshleifer's. We have received a ton of calls from you all on the blog and really want to continue offering our services to you........
    the original 225 is now A37586 $2425
    the original 226 is now A37587 $2695
    the original 227 is now A37590 $2850
    the original 228 is now A37591 $3495
  2. wow thanks, for the breakdown!
  3. Hi, thanks for posting this information. We did know about the new style numbers. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to post here. We really appreciate great customer service, and sales associates (and managers) who are more than willing to share information with us.
  4. Thank you so much for the information!
  5. Thank you:tup:
  6. Thanks for the breakdown.
  7. Thanks for the info. Would you please let us know what color did Hirshleifer's ordered?
  8. A37587 metallic dark silver 45002 and metallic black
    A37586 metallic purple 81405, metallic dark navy 94015 metallic gold 20814
    A37590 metallic black metallic light silver 45003 and metallic gold 20814
    A37591 metallic dark navy 94015 :heart: and metallic dark silver 45002

    My favorite it the one highlighted. It is so amazing and rare........ Really a stunning piece.


    Use as a key:tup:
    the original 225 is now A37586 $2425
    the original 226 is now A37587 $2695
    the original 227 is now A37590 $2850
    the original 228 is now A37591 $3495

  9. ^ Thank you so much for the lead. I am a Chanel newbie and am looking to purchase soon but want to be well-informed, so I've been lurking in this forum(at the risk of being deleted as well, lol). I've never heard of your store, where are you at if I may ask?
  10. When you are new to the Chanel world it can be overwelming. There is just so much that is put in to each design. And Karl is always inspired by Coco Chanel. From her early designs to her lifestyle..... And maytimes love interests:heart:. You will fall in love with Chanel.... I promise you. :love:

    I love all of you on this forum. You really GET IT!

  11. Natascha, can you please confirm Hirshleifer's return policy on designer items.
  12. Natascha, thank you. I can tell you're a good manager, well-informed about your products, friendly and helpful to all inquiries. I hope we can help each other out sometime! Thanks ever so much!
  13. It is Store Credit or Exchange within 10 Days.

    However, What is great it that we are a private owned Chanel and only have one store located in New York where NY sales taxs applies. If we ship out of state........ you figure it out!
    It really does pay if you know exactly what you want and live out of state....... It feels like a little discount and if you know exactly what you want you won't be returning it RIGHT!:tup:

  14. ugh I would have speed-dialed you if you'd gotten an order for the red! :p

    But thanks again. The information is again extremely helpful - oh and we here on the board really love pics! hint, hint!
  15. Do you guys still do 2080 Club? I read about it on the website before but I don't think I ever noticed it mentioned in the store itself. I live very close to Americana Manhasset and have been to your shop few times before.:yes: