New Style in March : A new Flat Messenger !!!

  1. I was trying a Courrier and was hesitant :
    I loved the strap + option to wear it as a Messenger:love: ...
    But the bag was really too huge on me:sad: !!!

    My Sa told me a smaller one will be available in March :
    a kind of Flat Messenger :love: !!!

    I've ordered one in Anthracite:yahoo: !!!
    Can't wait to have it :graucho: !​

    Little Bonus : Here are pics from LVR !!!
    PS : Hope this subject+pics haven't been posted before...
    New Messenger.jpg
  2. omg, yay! thanks for posting! i need to call bal NY now! do you know the dimensions?
  3. That sounds great!! I find the courier way too huge.
  4. Dimensions are:
    Height :31 cm
    Width : 39 cm
    Depth : flat

    Price is 695€.
  5. Fromparis: Thanks! What store did you get this info from? I'd love to call them :smile:

    Whoo! New bag rush!
  6. ^^ coolio, thanks fromparis!!! :wlae:
  7. Interesting ... it looks like the old Flat Messenger style (which I loved and was bummed to hear that it was discontinued):
    Flat Messenger.jpg
  8. i was so excited to hear this so i called Bal...and they told me that it isn't coming out here in the US or they are actually not geting it until next season..october-ish or so. so she told me to call in august to order one.
    i don't know...i was so excited, but now i guess i just have to be patient.
  9. Thanks for the news! That looks like a great style. Any idea of the price?
  10. Neat! I'd love to get a closer look and see how adjustable the straps are?

    Since it'll be hitting Europe first.. if/when European PFers get this - if they could share pics with us in the Americas that would be great!
  11. WOW! I really love that!
  12. Now I'm getting excited! I love the look of this bag, and have been hankering for a messenger style bag for ages!
    Time to start saving....:angel: :girlsigh:
  13. Seriously! I think I'm gonna start saving and around this time next year take a trip down to BalNY and get the full real retail experience!
  14. OMG i need that!
  15. Yey LVR have just sent me pdf of their new stock.... wish they showed all the colours tho; not just the names! I would love to compare and know exactly which colour I want..