New Style Ebene Bags?


Jan 21, 2013
Pacific Northwest
I've been eyeing a speedy b30 in Ebene for awhile but was wondering if anyone knew if new Ebene bags typically come out in the fall/winter? I'm planning on purchasing a Lumineuse before they are discontinued and was also going to get the speedy b while there but I'm thinking of holding off on the speedy b in favor of waiting for a newer style. I don't care for the Reggia but seeing that the trevi and portobello are being dc'd they have to come out with more Ebene bags don't they?

lvoe nyc

Mar 25, 2013
You have a point, hopefully they'll release something great. Have you seen the verona? That's a bag that is overlooked, but it has feet and a clochette. It's pretty and unique.