New style at Saks...what do you think?

  1. What do you think of this new style at Saks? It is $795 and is being pre-ordered now with a projected ship date of no later than 3/30/08

  2. I love this shoe. I guarantee that the heel is too high for me, and I also suspect that it wouldn't fit me that well (my foot is wide, and this one looks like it would take quite a bit of wear to stretch) - but one of you ladies needs to buy it stat! It is my favorite style to come out in quite a while.

    P.S. It is funny how styles come and go. If this had come out 3 years ago, I would have found it hideous.
  3. I don't know... reminds me of a beehive or something.
  4. i really like that shoe....but not at that price.
  5. Perfect summer shoe. Love the color.
    His prices are going up...but worth it.
  6. It's already available at Saks SF. In both this color and black.
  7. It doesn't really do much for me.:sad:
  8. I think this is one of those shoes that I wont be able to decide on until I see it worn. Only a matter of hours before VB is spotted in them I think...
  9. I like it but I don't know if I'd buy it because there are other shoes I like a lot better.
  10. Zophie, ITA. I like them, but there are other styles I'd like in my closet before I'd pursue this particular sandal.
  11. I really like them, but I am not shure I can wear this color won't know before getting a nice tan and then it might be too late.
  12. I really love both style and color.
  13. IDK...they look like a foot contraption or something...and for that price, I'd much rather some of his other new styles...