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  1. There's some stuffs that's not on trendystars site.


    What do you think of them? I'm a little iffy with the barbed wire theme.
  2. wth? they're all getting different stuff! dammit
  3. Oooo Oooo Stuuuuufff I like the adios star zip up hoodie better :sad: I want the giant peach to get that! but I also like the barbed shirt

    everythings very white, black, and red...
  4. I like the all over geisha thermal and the black flying adios barbwire tee. Just don't know if the XL would fit me since the new tees sound like they have gotten smaller.

    If only this stuff would have come out ten years ago when I was 20 lbs slimmer. :crybaby:
  5. I love that gray hoodie :huh:

    Not digging the barbed wired shirts so much though but if I saw it in person maybe I would like it better.
  6. I could honestly spend as much $$$ on the new Toki shirts and hoodies right now as I have on bags. I love the barbed wire, and the thermal style!! <sigh>

    Santa? Can you hear me?? SANTA??? I've been a good girl....

  7. i already placed an order for the diavolina hoodie (the XL is already sold out on this site and trendystars). the all-over barbed wire isn't for me, but i like it on the sleeves.
  8. boo i hope they restock! my stupid twin took her time now the shirt i want is sold out. i shall keeeeel her :x
  9. Lilone: Why did you want the giant peach to get the hoodie trendystars had? Is one easier to order from than the other?
  10. *sigh* i will not be getting a new hoodie...I decided it would be more reasoable for me to get two from like AE that wouldnt even equal one toki hoodie is tight these days *sigh* I hope you girls get what you want :smile:
  11. Jess - your car look so cute with the adios star sticker.

    I like the thermal, but I just got three primp thermals. So I don't know.
  12. ^aww thank you so much :biggrin: I :heart: it lol. I wanted to make a toki car but ya bf wont have it lol.