new stuff!

  1. first the outlet:
    (large signature hobo in red. mini sig wallet in black. ponytail scarf- polka dot and white mini sig)

    from the boutique:
    (kate sneakers. jasmine patchwork flats. stripe keypouch. stripe scarf).
  2. Awesome :smile: I REALLY want those sneakers, but since I have wide feet I'm scared I'd get them and they wouldn't fit.
  3. i have wide feet, too. i normally wear a 9. the sneakers are a 9.5 and the flats are an 8.5
    go figure on the sizing.
  4. i have those sneakers! how did you get the stripe satin-y bag? the second picture on the bottm right.
  5. oh nvm its scarf
  6. Wow, you made some beautiful purchases! Love the scarf and the flats, especially!
  7. Like bunion-wide?? haha. I don't think I've ever seen them at Boston Store, so I'd have to buy them online, which makes me uneasy with my monster feet.
  8. nice!! ilove ur new stuff!
  9. Lovely things!! Congrats
  10. oooo, I love the shoes
  11. my mom seems to think the shoes are too similar and that i should return one pair...(she also doesn't know how much i spent on them...she thinks they cost about $50/pair).
    nor does she like the keypouch. she nearly had a heart attack when she saw i paid $58 for it!
    she's ruined my coach high:sad:
  12. I was ready to buy the shearling tote, but my mother saw the price and gasped... then went on and on about how it was a seasonal bag, so very easily soiled, had no secure closure on the top, etc.

    One wouldn't think one's mother would have so much sway over a 35 year old, but I just didn't want the aggravation and decided to delay my purchase. And now I'm contemplating other bags and am all confused again. :confused1:

    So don't let anyone ruin your high! You made fabulous purchases! In regards to the shoes, they are such different styles that they wouldn't be worn with even remotely similar outfits. That makes them VERY different shoes to me. And the Legacy stripe design is wonderful, and the key pouch is beautiful and reasonably priced.
  13. LOL my mother did too, but of course had no problem when I bought her the pebbled hobo. but you know what its my FAVORITE piece yet, and I love walking around with it. I also love that its just big enough to fit those little cards that clutter up the keyring. I love ALL of your things!! CONGRATS! What are you going to use the scarf for?
  14. I had that ponytail scarf!! But I stupidly returned it because I thought it was too short! Now woodbury doesn't have them! UGH!
  15. not sure right now...
    i have the ponytail scarf right now on my black bag for school...maybe i'll just switch them up when i want some color?
    i probably should have just waited for the stripe ponytail scarf...
    oh well. :smile: