New Stuff!!!

  1. I had to go to a birthday dinner and I wanted to carry my legacy stripe beauty case but I didn't have a mini skinny to go with it....

    ... until yesterday!!! I bought a magenta patent leather one and it is soooo cute :smile:

    I also never my keyfob that I got during PCE so I'm putting it here as well. I wore them both today with my flats :smile:
    IMG_1624_1_1.JPG IMG_1636_9_1.JPG IMG_1628_3_1.JPG
  2. wow good idea about making that keyfob into a necklace!!! i m stealing your idea lol!!! and love that pink mini skinny!!
  3. Go right ahead!

    I've wanted it for a while but it was too nice to just put on a key ring.
  4. You're so clever! What a great idea!!
  5. Wow! Awesome idea! And that pink mini skinny!!!!! Sooooo pretty! Congrats!
  6. Love the magenta! I may have to splurge on a wristlet in that color! And that's so clever to make that keyfob into a necklace! Cute!
  7. Thanks :smile:
  8. I love your keyfob necklace ~ what a great idea! And the magenta mini skinny is beautiful!
  9. Very Clever! Looks great!:tup: