New stuff tomorrow?

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  1. Did I read somewhere they are getting a shipment in at the outlets tomorrow? Or are they putting new stuff out tomorrow?
  2. It is usually on a Thursday they put out stuff or maybe Wed nite too.
  3. Today I went to Aurora IL and they had a lot od FP Deletes
    I bought myself a Periwinkle Audrey and a Raspberry op art Hailey
    I just love this bags:love::love:
  4. OMG... they had periwinkle Audrey there today. Any plaid glam totes?
  5. No plaid glam totes but I did see plaid wristlets
  6. They had the periwinkle Audrey at Johnsons Creek, WI last night too.
  7. I saw atleast one at Pleasant Prairie, WI last night too.
  8. I believe the outlets put out their new shipments yesterday (or Wednesday) as well. Last night an SA told me that they still have more new stuff in the back, but they can't put it out until they put out their new floor set in February.
  9. Pottstown, PA had their new things out yesterday--multiple perriwinkle Audreys.