New stuff this month ?

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  1. Hey guys.

    I read this thread some time ago about (a lot of) new bags coming out this month ?
    But which date is it ?
    I'm going to my store the 12th and would really hate myself for coming back home and find a great bag online the day after.

    Anyone with pics and/or info on the new items ?
  2. thank's crazylv here I am *waves* check out my sig click the word timeline to see the whole season or October to see this months releases, november's will be done soon and a new thread for SS too

  3. hey, Label Addict!!

    you forgot to add your signature to that post!!

    err.. did I missed there is another forum 'a new thread for SS' for next year?!?!? :confused1:

    I better check that forum.
  4. Have any of you seen the Cruise Collection ads? The Toile speedy looks cute! (I just don't know if I would buy one - looks difficult to maintain)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.