New stuff so new pictures :)

  1. Here are some pictures of my current LV Collection.. MC Speedy and Damier Bastille are not pictures because they are not with me now. Enjoy :smile:

    Pic1: MC Wapity in white, Vernis French Purse in fuchsia, MC VIP Playing Cards, Panda Cles, Inclusion Speedy in beige, Vernis bronze Cles, Sweet Pendant Necklace, Perfo Bandana in fuchsia..

    Pic2: Antigua Cabas PM in red, Vernis Reade PM in fuchsia

    Pic3: Globe Shopper Cabas MM in blue, Denim Baggy PM

    Pic4: Batignolles Horizontal, Manhattan PM

    Pic5: Mini Pochette, Small Ring Agenda, Pochette Cosmetique, Poche Toilette 26

    Pic6: Keepall 50 with shoulder strap

    I just remembered that I forgot the shoes, but there is only two, Denim Coquine Thong and Globe Shopper Wedges in blue.. :smile:
  2. beautiful collection! love ittttttttttttttt
  3. GORGEOUS!!!:love: Thank you for sharing.
  4. :love: carryall!!
  5. Thanks so much for the pics, they help us newbies so very much!!
  6. Such a cute collection :smile:
  7. I love your collection!
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. Great collection.
  10. Love your collection!!! How do you like your Manhattan PM? I am thinking about getting one....:wlae:
  11. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  12. You have a great well-rounded collection! Thanks for sharing!
  13. wooo... lovely goods!!!
  14. thanks everyone!

    crochetbella: i love the manhattan pm, it's one of my favorites!
  15. Beautiful collection!!!