NEW stuff! Red Patent Ergo Hobo, Geranium, and Pewter studded snakeskin hobo

  1. Ok, be gentle, I've never posted my modeling pics before. I'm 6'3" and a size 8-10 for reference on size

    Red Patent Ergo Hobo - I think this is my favorite Coach bag ever!!!! HOLDS SO MUCH and it is so light, I just LOVE IT!

    geranium satchel, I LOVE the color, but I'm not sure yet about the style, it's hard to get into with the big clasp, we'll see
    (excuse DH's cell phone charger and the towel, it's the guest bath, had the best mirror for the pics)

    Finally, got this at the outlet recently, it's a large pewter metallic leather and snakeskin studded hobo. GREAT size, holds a bunch, and I love the metallic (retail was 798, I got it at the outlet for 199!)

    That's it! All my new goodies! Thanks for letting me share, I always love looking all of your new stuff, so here's mine!
  2. Wow! I love them all! Great deal on the Hobo!
  3. Gorgeous purchases!!
  4. love your new goodies, the red ergo is absolutely beautiful. Also, you look great carrying all three! Congrats
  5. Oh I LOVE everything! The red patent looks marvelous on you. I'm anxious to see one IRL. I love the geranium and am keeping mine. I found that I don't have to unclip the strap and I just slide the zipper enough to reach into the bag for whatever I need. Those are great choices.
  6. Lookin' good Court!:tup:
  7. Awesome selection! Everything looks great on you. I have the same hobo but a little smaller (blue and brown)... But then again, I am only 5'2" LOL Can you give me 2 or 3 inches of your height? LOL
  8. WOW!!
    I love them all. The geranium satchel is GORGEOUS!!:heart:
    Enjoy them all and congrats to you:tup:
  9. preciousssssss... :drool:

    I REALLY like that platinum hobo, too! What a find!!
  10. SO GLAD you finally got that geranium, I knew you'd been wanting it. It's funny though how we've had several girls get it and none of you are sure about it yet!
  11. That red patent hobo looks stunning on you! Mine came yesterday and I took it out to a meeting last night. I got a compliment from a 13 year old boy who thought it was very cool! :supacool: He told me that's the color car he wants some day. I am so happy I ordered it.
    I can't believe the deal you got at the outlet-and it's so pretty. I once spoke to an SA about the Legacy satchel. She told me that people tend to leave that clasp in the front "undone" and just let it drape over the bag. The geranium is a great color! IRL does the color read orange or more coral like it looks to me now? I still drool over the thought of owning it in the pond.
  12. THANKS!
    it's a coraley orange to me. I LOVE the color. Orange is my by far favorite color (as you can tell by the towel in the back ground pic and the candles on the mirror in the other bathroom). The shape is what I'm not so sure of. I'm a shoulder bag girl, so I just dont know if I'll carry this enough. We'll see, if not, it's off to eBay

    I want to see your pics to LIBlue!
  13. Wow, those are great pieces court! Do you have a link to your entire collection? I'd love to see a group shot :yes:
  14. I don't, but I'm going to get all the kids together for a class picture and then I'll post that

    I have to go to physical therapy in an hour, so let me see if I can get it done before then.
  15. They all look great! What a great deal on the outlet bag.

    Holy shnikey, you're 6'3? :wtf: