New stuff out @ my Nordstrom...I didn't walk away empty handed!

  1. It was nothing big, but I had to get it :tup:

    I will post pictures, but it is time to pick up DH and go home! See you all soon! :love:
  2. Sorry Kimmie, this will break the 30 second rule about 240 times over...:roflmfao:
  3. what? we have to wait?:sos:
  4. I can't wait to see what you got!!!
  5. lol Candace

    pic! pic! pic!
  6. What!!!??? Not even a hint! That's just wrong! ;)
  7. yeah~~

    hint! hint! hint!
  8. I don't think I like this new trend of teasing around this site :p Even though I did it myself, sort of, when Gigi arrived.
  9. :sleepy:
  10. Congrats! You coulda at least told us what you gottttt... :p
  11. Is your Nordstrom the one at Salem Center? Just wondering because I was at the mall today too. I didn't make it into Nordstrom. I was with my mom and she was busy spoiling my daughter with clothes from Gymboree since she had some extra discounts to use up there.

    I think we must be on the same shopping schedule!!! Can't wait to see what you got!!
  12. Waiting patiently..........:whistle:
  13. This is just wrong on so many levels!!!:crybaby:
  14. :popcorn:
  15. lol were all waiting ....