New Stuff on LV site

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  1. I believe its the Sporty bag in Azur and Damier but its called the Berkeley? new mens damier pouches, new MC wallet, same wallet in Epi (these wallets have the new large S lock closure on them, you can see the inside of the wallet on the epi version, tons of new costume jewerly for women and denim accessories too, new monogram luggage, congo bag, denim bags, that new wallet i just mentioned is in monogram,

    if u have to move this than so be it but I figured it would get the most attention here
  2. Thanks matty! I want the denim cles and zippy! Are the bags & trunk line (not the coin purse form the buttons line, the actual line) still on? any clue when they are coming out?!
  3. That new wallet has so many CC slots...I'm glad LV is finally making wallets with more slots!
  4. Thanks for the news!
  5. WHOA I just checked it out, anyone have information on the new Sweet Monogram jewelry?? I LOVE the ring!! :drool: