new stuff on let-trade

  1. just fyi!
  2. Thanks! I saw a better condition cabas mezzo...not too shabby for the price, but I still cannot afford it at this time.:sad: And I love the marais...but I'm turned off by it now, esp. after what happened to addictedtolv.
  3. The Vienna bag is tdf!
  4. cabas mezzo :drool:
  5. What happened?
    I want that so bad

  7. I know! If a few things weren't already on the way for me, I would be clicking "Buy it Now"! Hehe.

  8. This is only $299?:

  9. I was just going to post that bag to round off the Epi's. LOL. I like it! :yes:
  10. ^it's so pretty...I hope someone gets it! It's a really great price!
  11. I agree!!! GORGEOUS!!! One day, one day...
  12. drooling over that Lilac!!!!!!!!! I'm still drooling over last weeks additions (the graffitis and suhalis)...someone buy them to stop my agony!!!!!!!!!
  13. :nuts: Another Trompe L'Oeil pochette!
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