New stuff on Let-Trade! (including new Mono Mizi)

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  1. Lots of new stuff on there right now! :drool:
  2. I noticed he just sold a Miroir Speedy for $2599.00
  3. The vintage LV (next to the mizi) is tdf...
  4. Nice black Epi Petit Noe! Somebody get it!
  5. What is that vintage tote called? TIA!
  6. OH i love that grey stamped bag!! But i cannot purchase another bag right now:sad: MUST STAY AWAY!! :smile:
  7. i want the orange epi bag sooo bad but im on a ban till after the hollidays sigh
  8. Do you think that orange bag would look nice on a guy ????????????
  9. aww... too bad i just spent too much money already! hope a pf'er gets that gorgeous mizi!
  10. *sigh*...why do I look at that site when I know I can't buy anything...
    Such great eye candy though!
  11. i think a guy could wear the orange, but you can buy that bag new on eluxury right now for not much more
  12. :drool:
  13. good tip darling thank u
  14. Wish I could justify that Mono Mizi...*sigh*...
  15. $509.99 vs $1180? :blink: