New stuff on let-trade again.....

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  1. Updated again....he's got some epi pieces, a onotah, cherry blossom papillon and more!! No prices yet:smile:
  2. Yes, I just looked. Some very interesting and pretty pieces...:drool: :graucho:
  3. onatah fleur :drool:
  4. UGh I knew I spelled onatah looked funny to me,...I was just so excited by the new stuff LOL
  5. Oh - that yellow epi Jasmine! I don't care anymore if it reminds me of corrugated cardboard - I want it!
  6. LOl Mom.....the Epi is growing on me as's going to be my next purchase :smile:
  7. Ok how are you seeing his new stuff? I went to ebay and let-trade and it shows the same like 9 bags that were up yesterday and I don't see these new listings even with refreshing. Do you all have some magic touch?
  8. Try his website - that's where I usually go -

    Twiggers - I know what you mean! I never thought it would grow on me - but darn it if it isn't! There was someone in the visual thread that had red epi speedy with navy coat and plaid scarf - That was just the cat's meow! Now I'm wanting red, yellow, mandarin - oh - will it ever end?
  9. :graucho: ....the PURPLE lining is to die for!
  10. Stop it Lee!!!!!!!!!

    You're tempting me - and I'm having to step away from the keyboard . . . backing up . . backing up . . . .!
  11. So at his web site you can buy from him outside of ebay? Looks like alot of interesting stuff coming up.... I'm waiting for my ultra slow speed internet to load up that whole page! [You'd think if I could afford to wear an LV purse, I could have high speed interent!! LOL - soon I hope we are in the boonies!]
  12. I check LT almost's torture in good way..

    I have to stay strong...
  13. Oh Nita I know what you mean....sometimes the tempting. Gotta be good. Stay strong.

    Mom: I hear ya! I was always thinking of ways to add color without straying off to another brand (like Balenciaga....gosh their colors are TDF but not a huge fan of the actual purse)...and Epi is the solution!

  14. sighhhhhhh..

    Twiggers: you must add epi in your collections..Pretty in the pictures but much prettier in person ..Trust me..:yes: ..the leather has the grains with deeper color shade(hard to capture in the pics)'s just pretty..:love: especially in red:graucho:
  15. I think I am definetly going to go with an Epi speedy 25! I like the mono/damier 30 I think the 25 will work in the Epi. I can't wait to get to T.O. and shop!!!! To heck with turkey dinner I'm hitting Bloor Street!