New Stuff on COACH Japanese website

  1. Hi ladies, I stumbled upon this site again this morning while working (tee hee), thought you might like to take a looksie....
  2. I see a few things there that I would like to see in my closet! Thanks!
  3. I love the embossed signature leather! They did a carryall, booktote and a few other items last year or the year before, and they were gorgeous!
  4. I just went to to convert to U.S. dollars... Ostrich Lily comes out to $13,272 :wtf:

  5. :wtf: Okay, well we don't have to ever worry about it every being added to my collection!!! :nogood:
  6. Looks like they get new stuff before we do! That was fun to browse!
  7. the ostrich lily is in the red special request book. I'll look today to see how much it is here.
  8. wow, this website is a gem!!
  9. Awww! I noticed that they didn't offer the bigger Signature Stripe totes in Japan, must be that it doesn't sell as well in their market? I also liked some of the watches they had on the Japan site, but not on the US site ;_;
  10. All items are available to order in the US and most of the pieces (with the exception of the exotics) will be in store next week! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! I love working for COACH...
  11. love these!
    coach-red ergo-japan site.jpg coach-brown on brown signature makeup case-japan site.jpg coach-coach script key fob-japan site.jpg coach-coach candy key fob-japan site.jpg coach-crazy suede ergo-japan site.jpg