New Stuff! Legacy Stripe Framed Beauty Case and Heart Padlock Keyfob

  1. Pics of my new stuff attached! Sorry if the pics are grainy/blurry, my camera isn't the best.

    The beauty case is gorgeous IRL, but is larger than I expected so not sure i'll be keeping that one. Gotta sleep on it!

    IMG_1825.JPG IMG_1826.JPG IMG_1829.JPG IMG_1830.JPG IMG_1832.JPG
  2. OMG, that beauty case is gorgeous!!! How much was that?!?!
  3. How much was the beauty case? love it!!!
  4. Aww...keep it! It's gorgeous!!

  5. Beauty case...I think retail was $144, with PCE $111.

    Heart Keyfob was $36 with PCE (retail was $45 maybe?)
  6. is the beauty case new? whats the style number?
  7. my beauty case should be coming this week! i'm excited for it- i love the framed one better than the other one.
  8. Super cute-congrats!
  9. Wow, the beauty case is beautiful. Something tells me that those aren't going to be around for very long.
  10. Beauty case is 40674. My SA said they weren't going to be available until August, but she was able to order one for me anyway.
  11. :heart::heart::heart: both!!!
  12. that beauty case is soooo pretty! i jut love legacy stripe! i would keep it, it will sell out super fast!

    love the keyfob too, i am waiting on mine to arrive!
  13. True! My SA said there were only a small number in stock, and that was last Friday!
  14. *I will not order the beauty case....I will not order the beauty case....*

    Too cute!! Oh, and btw beauty case is $148, keyfob is $48.
  15. Love it! I'm hoping my beauty case will be here Thurs....

    The key fob is cute too!!