new stuff in late April?

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  1. I got the new Coach Coupon, but it expires April 27th. I thought I read somewhere new stuff will be coming out in late April?
  2. I dont think so, maybe in late May.
  3. i'm pretty new to coach still, but it seems like coach comes out with stuff every two months or so... i remember some came out late january.. and then early april.. so i'm sure late may/early june would be next.. :smile:
  4. I heard rumour of a new boutique floorset on the 28th, but I wasn't really paying attention to my SA. I'll have to remember to check...
  5. There is a new boutique floorset at the end of April -- 26th, 27th, can't exactly remember. Apparently, it is when the new Ergos hit the floor...
  6. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. I'm guessing it is after the 27th...that is when the $50 off coupon expires...
  8. oooh! I'm excited about new ergos!!!
  9. When I was at the store yesterday scouting what to spend my gift card on they told me new stuff would be out the 25th.
  10. uh-oh the day i m taking a road trip to the US. this could b bad for the wallet...
  11. The SA at my boutique told me yesterday that the new floorset will be out April 25th.
  12. The SA told me to hang onto my coupon and not to use it yet because new stuff will be coming in in about 2 weeks.
  13. is this the new stuff that was posted in the other thread?
  14. Thanks for telling me about the new floorset I might have to go and have a looksie.
  15. I might have to wait to go shopping on the last day of the coupon.