New Stuff in boutiques this week?

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  1. #1 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    So there IS supposed to be new stuff coming out in the boutiques this week? If so, does anyone know what day?
    Also, if it's new items (that aren't listed as excluded on recent PCE) is that game for use with PCE???
  2. If it goes as usual, Friday for boutiques, wed/thurs for online. If it's not excluded, it should be fair game
  3. The manager of my local boutique told me they are putting out their new floor set on Friday.
  4. gosh I wish I could see the new stuff!
  5. Does anyone know whats going to be in the new floor set?
  6. :tup: This is correct!!

    Most stores got in some pieces a month or so early, and it's in the back. If you ask them, they will let you preview the stuff. I saw both the Zoe stuff and Legacy, but not all stores are getting exactly the same things (or colors) at least as far as Legacy goes.

  7. Legacy and Zoe.
  8. Legacy and zoe. the SA showed me a few pieces when I was there last week.
  9. I can't wait until the website is updated!!
  10. ...and both are excluded from PCE???

  11. Yup!! Unless you happen to find a boutique that will ignore the rules! I know that some have allowed older Legacy bag purchases on PCE, and also the cheaper Hamptons line. I did ask at two stores, and I was told only the accessories for the new lines.
  12. Hmmm.. I don't really like this PCE. :tdown:
  13. We have a new boutique in my 'hood and I'll be checking it out this week :yes:
  14. I can't wait for the website to be updated and a new COACH boutique is opening near my house on Friday.:yahoo:
  15. My boutique that I normally go to said they will be getting their new floorset in this Friday... can't wait! :yahoo: