New Stuff in August - no bags though

  1. I was in Bloomie's at lunch to sniff the new Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and popped into the LV there. They had the new trunks & bags scarf. I didn't like it as much IRL as I did in the catalog, so it looks like I'm saving $285. They had a speedy inclusion keychain in indigo blue. I'm not sure if that's new or old but it was interesting.

    Daisy, by the way, didn't wow me either.
  2. Oh shame...i was thinking about that perfume(havnt had the chance to take a sniff quite yet).

    So what shall you be spending the savings on then?
  3. Yes I heard that the logo doesn't show up well, i really liked the look of it too!
  4. I looked at it last week and didn't buy it either. I already have the Mono scarf with the leopard edges and it would just have been too similar.
  5. I'll be spending my perfume money on Pucci Vivara perfume. It's wonderful. As for the scarf money, that can stay in savings until the next thing comes along.
  6. I'm the same I loved the scarf in the pics but IRL it was kind of boring and you'd lose the details when you wear it so I passed too
  7. Speaking of perfumes ,, there's this brand called NYC No. 9 perfumes !! I LOVE IT!! they have one thats red and has music notes on it ,, its the best!! all of their bottles r in the shapes of stars!!
  8. I am not much a fan of the scarfs.
  9. What about this indigo inclusion key chain?? Anyone have pix?