New stuff I bought today

  1. PCE is getting me in trouble

    1. Chelsea sign. large hobo
    2. Chelsea sign. turnlock wristlet
    3. Ergo wristlet
    4. Stripe ponytail scarf.
    last but not least
    5. Perfume

    plus I think I'm going back for the red patent ergo.:wtf:

  2. i love your chelsea hobo &turnlock wristlet!! can you take pics of how much you can fit into the wristlet? TIA!
  3. It fits alot , you can use it as a cosmetic bag. I went out tonight and used it. My favorite buy today I will pick up the brown tomorrow.
  4. Wow! Lovely items !
  5. I love it all! I esp love the pony scarf! I hope to get some red patent tomorrow too :graucho: I have no pce card so I need to make some calls.
  6. thanks!! i just might have to go and get one if i dont end up getting a carly.
  7. Very nice. Can't wait to see modeling pics. ;)
  8. Yay I got that scarf it should be here today!
  9. :heart::heart::heart: it all!

  10. love the haul! that wristlet is going to be mine! lol
  11. Great items! I love the black/white combos!
  12. I bought this in mineral leather last night, it's being shipped to my home. Love to see that it holds so much! On a seperate note, is that a Chanel lipgloss? What color is that? It's really pretty!!
  13. Great stuff, the chelsea is very pretty.
  14. you got some great items!!


    love it all!
  15. Love your new stuff, and you'd BETTER post pics of the red patent bag if you get it!:yes: