New 'stuff' challenge

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  1. I'm issuing a challenge to my fellow fashion fans. I have purchase MORE than enough stuff to allow me to wear something new every day and not repeat for quite some time. So here's the deal, I am vowing to wear or carry one new thing every day until I inaugurate ALL my new things. I am inviting anyone who wishes to join me.

    I'll log on each day and announce (to your incredilble fascination, no doubt!) that today I am wearing a velvet blazer or new shoes or carrying a new bag. I welcome you to join in and announce which of your babies has seen the light of day!

    Let's be fair....I'm startin' tomorrow!
  2. Ohhh sounds like fun!! I've bought some new things that I need to wear too!! Let's all play :biggrin:
  3. OK, Megs, you're up!

    Today, I wore my Isabella Fiore clogs, a crushed velvet lilac jacket and some orange gloves. DON'T BE SCARED OF THAT IMAGE! I wore a leopard print coat over the lilac jacket so you didn't see the orange with the lilac. The clogs, jacket and gloves are all new. I figured I won't be able to keep this up for long so I might as well start out with a bang. I think I'll add a new bag to the ensemble before I go out tonight. My big plans....I'm chaperoning a Hallowe'en Party for the 5th grade at my son's school! Whoo hoo!
  4. Enjoy , I Have not gottin anything new in about two weeks . So i cant play
  5. Oh you too? Oh no wait. I wore new GAP jeans to school yesterday. So I'm in. :smile:
  6. I wore my new Juicy Couture Wool Sherpa Jacket today along with my new Yanuk jeans which I am in love with. My shoes were old, the shirt was old, and my hair looked like a birds nest gone wrong (I'm having hair problems lately).


    And no, that is not me! :P
  7. i'll start playing when i get my new pants back from the tailors. Oh how I hate being short!! (i'm 5'1) everything NEEDS to be hemmed or else its WAYYY TOOO LONGG.
  8. oh but wait.. just yesterday i wore my new marc jacobs jacket to work. LOL. can't forget about the jackets i bought to go with the pants. heh