New stuff.... @ bargain prices! *PICS*

  1. So it was crazy at Dillard's today...extra 50% off everything already reduced!

    We were there at opening and it was crazy! My mom and I bought 5 bags total for us to choose from- my SIL got a khaki / saddle (natural?) gallery tote, mom didn't keep anything and I got the large Rust Bleecker duffle for about $156 and Josie flats for $ first pair of Coach shoes.

    I wanted a black ergo hobo but none in site....

    I'm pretty sure my signature has a banned sign.....:shame:
    josie flats.jpg rust duffle.jpg
  2. I love it when Coach is on sale! Congrats on your purchases and enjoy!
  3. WOW! great prices. Congrats!
  4. wow good deals!! I love your cute shoes!!
  5. There is no Dillards located anywhere around me :crybaby:I hear they have such great sales too. hmph
  6. Nice haul. Those shoes are cute! :yes:
  7. Awesome deals - enjoy your new stuff :tup:
  8. I love everything! Congrats!
  9. I heard there was a big sale there today....congrats!
  10. Great deals! I have the Josie flats and I love them. Congrats!
  11. Cute shoes!I went to dillars today and nothing i liked ;_;
  12. wow you got some great deals I wish I had a dillards near me
  13. Oh I so want to have a dillards near me! I love your shoes!
  14. I am kicking myself for not getting up and going to the mall this morning. I love the shoes! I would also love getting such a great deal!
  15. cute stuff, great deals too ! We don't have Dillards near where I live