New stuff- Azur 30, Love Scarf and Vernis Cles!

  1. So I recieved my Eluxury order today! So excited...

    My boyfriend recieved it at work (safer area) and the secretary thing asked what it was and he told her "Oh Amber got a Louis Vuitton"- She carries a nasty fake. So she was like OMG I have to see so THEY OPENED IT! I was mad, not too mad but I wanted to be the first to see it. LOL

    I love the cles but I think I am going to return it. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on one thing and I can't jusify purchasing such a small thing for $200. I know I really should have thought about it before buying it buy I was money happy and didn't care and now it's like eh I don't thik so. Even though it's gorgeous... IDK just me. But I think I'm going to keep the scarf and the bag of course... Oh and I stuffed the bag with a strip of those air pocket things its packed in. LOL So it would keep some shape while taking pics. And it is Made In the USA.

    If I sold the Framboise Vernis Cles on eBay how much do you think it would sell for? Is it really sought after? It's discountinued right? I saw one went for like $60 over the retail.

    Is there anything I need to do now to protect it before I start using it? Any tips? Also is there any prettier way to tie the scarf to the bag? I can't do it nicely!

    Anyways here's the pics, hope you enjoy...







    What do you think?
  2. It all looks so pretty together. Oooh keep the cles it is breathtaking!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful, I love how the scarf matches the damier azur, sooo pretty. :tup:I believe eLuxury isn't offering free shipping anymore!:crybaby: Congrats!
  4. It's gorgeous....all of it! I would totally keep the'll be a discontinued color...and has so many uses!

    And welcome to the dark side HEEHEE

  5. You mean to send it back?

    Yeah I figured I would have to pay shipping back. But I did recieve free shipping when I ordered because they forgot about my order.

    But I think I might sell the cles on eBay I really just can't keep it... It's so pretty I know...
  6. so pretty, congrats! ;)
  7. BREATHTAKING! Welcome to the dark side LOL!
  8. oo i love it!! congrats!! you should keep the cles..
  9. rawr. i am still waiting on my 25.

    but congrats on all your items!
  10. I would keep the cles, it really is very useful and the color is TDF. I love everything else too !!!
  11. I know I want to but I really just can't... I know it's dumb to say but that's just me...

    Maybe someday I can feel better about spending that much on something but IDK just not right now.

    Thanks All...
  12. CONGRATS!! All sooo pretty and summery! I just love the LVoe scarf!
  13. The speedy and the love bandeau look great together.Don't return the cles use it as a bag charm.
  14. I know it does look great! I can't!
  15. Love them, congrats!