New Stuff at the Outlets

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  1. I went to the outlet yesterday and they have some spring looking colors in already. Pebbled leather in the carryall style. Messenger bags in leather in spring colors too.
    The pleated mosaics and leather bags were on clearance and the fall colored pebbled leather was on clearance too. Mini signature agendas were 30% off. I know there will be more on sale after christmas!
  2. Well, that gets me mad. I have to work today. Not sure if I want to go to Coach early tomorrow...
  3. Yep, I went to the coach outlets yesterday too (woodbury). They had just marked down the large 2 pocket satchels (retail 589?) to $199.99 plus 20% off (cognac leather, black leather, and camel suede with gold trim). SA said they just marked them down that day! They had some of the leather polka dot bags/totes in camel and white (white had I think blue monogram in the dots?) and some of the camel and blue wave bags. Also the pleated bags in brown leather were marked down to $180 and 20% off on top. Pretty good deals. Oh, also the lurex mini monogram accessories mainly in lilac, some gold were clearanced. I only remember the price of the coin holder in gold monogram, marked down to $24 I think and then 20% off.
  4. I am going to go day after xmas , hope its good! I have to drive 4 hours ugh
  5. oooh...after christmas sales...:nuts:
  6. I am so pissed that I have to work. They only allow 2 people off (doesn't matter that we have NO WORK TO DO) and it's seniority based, so the same people get off every year. UGHHHHHHH.
  7. aw.
    maybe it's for the best? no unnecessary spending?
    i need to call the outlet and see if i can use my merch credits over there...
  8. Wow. Thanks for posting. I ahve a friend who lives up near Woodbury and maybe I will go and hit the store this week.

  9. My mom left her cell phone at casino Morongo on sunday. So we are waiting to go on the 26th to go shopping at desert hills again. Hope they have new stuff at Coach.
  10. WOW! what a deal. If they have any left on Tuesday, it's coming home with me.
  11. as always, if anyone sees a magenta mia, say hello to her for me...and that i'll find her one day!
  12. Does anyone know if there is the hamptons weekend totes in medium or large? I made a post but no one has posted yet=)
  13. Thanks for the info, maybe i will do some after Christmas shopping :P
  14. Poo I wish I'd seen 2 pocket satchels today. I was at the Leesburg outlet today and left empty-handed. I promised DH no more black belt shoppping for a long while after New Years (ha) so I'm bummed I couldn't make one last killing. Oh well!
  15. I went to Woodbury this past Monday. I think I saw the bags to which you are referring. I believe the tag said $500+ or $400+. I remember some men standing near the table laughing about it. No one was really around that table. But at $200??? Oh my gosh. That is less than the bag I just bought there.