New stuff at Coach

  1. So I stopped by my local Coach store, and they said that they got their stuff a day early, the entire store inventory had changed over to the new stuff. Unfortunately, the thing i wanted to see the most (the Hamptons camera bag) was not in the store, but all those new colorbock totes and accessories were. I saw the wallet that made me go "nuts" a few days back and it didn't do that much for me, so I'm pretty satisfied with what i have. *whew* :smile:
    I did get a case for my iPod with video, I've been waiting ages for them to come out with one. I contemplated the signature colorblock one, but got plain ol' black leather. It's got a generous wrist strap and it's very nice. It was only $88, so not a bad price for a high-quality leather iPod case. The going rate for those from other retailers is $99 and up, so this was a no-brainer for me. :smartass:
    Loved some of the new hobos, and can't wait for the new Chelsea turnlock hobos to come in stock, I think I might get one of them, maybe a nubuc one. So much awesome stuff, the SAs were all as giddy as my friend and I were! The rest of the stores should have their new stock in tomorrow (for some reason my store runs their schedule a day ahead of the rest of the region). I'm going to pore over the catalog tonight and see if there's anything else I love. :heart: :heart:
  2. What about those reversible totes did you see them?
  3. Since I'm kind of an idiot, so I forgot that they were reversible, and didn't play with them much. The color area isn't leather as I'd assumed, but kind of a plasticky jacquard. I liked it a lot on the cosmetic cases and swing packs, but not so much the totes. I want to go to the flagship store this weekend to look at the camera bag, maybe I'll flip one of the totes inside out while I'm there, try it on, etc. I also saw the monogram swatches, and I liked the way they looked, but my friend was unimpressed.
  4. So the new ipod cases ARE for the video ipod! I'm definitely getting one!