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  1. Well, I really thought this belonged in the main sub, because so many of us don't visit the shopping area regularly. Mods, sorry if this is duplicate, this thread is more expansive than the one in the shopping forum.:p

    I think this is really big news!!!
    I hope I am not the last to know that has agendas on their website!!!

    I was pretty shocked to see the ulyssee, globtrotter, and vision agendas. Limited colors, but still, actual agendas on the website!!

    Its quite shocking.

    Refills for the Ulysee are there too...only the white ones, but its a great start!

    But wait, theres more!!!

    LOSANGES TOO!!! Only Orange and white, but YAY.

    And Grands Fonds, for you there are golf ball twillies!!

    And, I dont remember mens cashmeres shawls on there, either, but anyway, they have a nice selection now...

  2. Hey, have they always had watches on there????
    I dont remember seeing them!
    I must be losing my marbles.
  3. Sorry, I have to close this as it is duplicative of the thread currently going on in the shopping subforum. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.