NEW Stripe shoulder tote w/pics

  1. Well I had ordered the medium and it was too small but they will have a large you can buy the large in black and brown now. They will carry the other colors but aren't available yet.
    P2010081.JPG P2010082.JPG
  2. the medium style #11957 (5 colors) $258
    large style # 11689 (only black and brown for now) $328
  3. Hmm, not really a huge fan. I think I liked the other Sig Stripe totes better, but I do like that this has a top zip.

    Cute flats in the first pic, too! :p
  4. not for me....:s I don't like the stripe going across the top either but I agree with margaritaxmix, I do LOVE the zip top closure.
  5. Oh, you know what else I noticed? This is just my personal opinion, but I know that some of you also were bothered by the front pocket on some Coach signature bags that didn't align with the bag itself.

  6. thanks I just got the flats at Dillard for $70 from $168!! and the matched the bag. Just waiting for the big one.
  7. I kind of like the large tote! It does kind of irritate me that the Cs don't line up, but I still like it. Thanks for the pics and style/price info!
  8. I like the large one.. I hope it comes out in pink I would probably get one.. the large style reminds me a little bit of the carly
  9. love the blue.. here is the brown
  10. i think the med is cute!
  11. [​IMG]
    I really like this one!
  12. I knew the medium would be too small. OK, I really like the large one of this. If it comes out in pink, I'm in trouble. I don't really care about the pocket issue.

  13. ME TO LOL... :heart:
  14. I saw this bag today and really though Coach could have done better.
  15. The first one looks to small to me but I really really like the second one! :tup: