New 'strings' at the back of CL's hurt my heels

  1. Ok, so I hope everyone understands what I'm talking about in the title, but since some time Louboutin has put white strings at the back of the shoes, probably to avoid slipping out of your shoe.

    However, they hurt my heels to the point I get blisters:sad:, so I was quite dissappointed, especially as I don't need them.

    So I wonder if any one else experiences this and what you've done about it?
    I'm not sure if I can completely cut them out without something remaining.

    I only have three pairs of Louboutins and only my latest pair have this, namely my black suede Pigalles 10 cm, which I had specifically bought to be my comfortable Pigalles. I already have the 12 cm in black patent leather, my favorite Louboutin pair and perhaps most elegant shoe:smile:.
  2. I cut mine off and throw a heel grip over it.
  3. +1 :smile:
  4. I have these on my patent Rolandos and was wondering the same thing. I don't like the way these grips feel against my heels and was wondering if it was OK to cut them out. I think I would prefer to use the heel grips that you peel and stick yourself instead
  5. Thank you for all your answers:smile:.

    I think I'll try to put something like heel grips over them that I can take out again.

    I love compeed for blisters, but it is really sticky and I don't like it when it sticks to my shoes.

    May I ask if you've bought your Rolandos recently and where? I'm on the look out for them as I love them, but they appear to be much harder to find then the Pigalles.
  6. I cut the elastics out from the back of my patent Rolandos and stuck heel grips given by SAs. Worked perfectly :smile:
  7. Thanks, I figured it could be done but wanted to make sure. The elastics don't seem to serve their intended purpose on my feet and they kinda rub and scratch my heels ;-(
  8. I bought them maybe a month ago at the CL boutique in Los Angeles. They also had them in Neiman Marcus that I almost bought. Just happened to be in the area of the CL boutique at the time so I ended up buying them there. I just saw them again today in Neiman's. I was there looking at boots.
  9. I had the same problem. The elastics actually kept my heels from staying in the shoe.