New Straw Totes

  1. I am back in NY for a few days and when I got out of the subway I was right in front of the Coach store on Columbus Circle. I had to just walk in and take a cruise and the Manager had just pulled out some of the straw totes .... the new ones with the flowers ... they were totally cute. Sorry no pics but I belive they will be out next week.
  2. These do look really cute in the catalog. Not my taste, but very nice for a spring/summer bag.
  3. Just saw a pic here on the forum. I think it's really cute and can't wait to see one in person.
  4. I believe Tara just received hers today in white.
  5. I don't like the straw totes. Remind me too much of Brighton which I can't stand.:yucky:
  6. I wait to see them IRL. I am planning on getting the white one.
  7. I still am not sure if I want one , I have last years and I love it ! but this years I am still not sure on