New straps for the Totally- yay or nay?

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  1. Soo.... While at LV today I tried on the new DE Totally. Straps are way thinner then the older model .. Are these more comfortable or not so much? Will it be like the NF and dig in if it's packed to the gills? I was looking at the MM size since I carry way too much and the PM seemed to choke my hubby arm fat :lol: feedback appreciated for those that owned new/old, etc. thanks!
  2. Its soooo comfy. I tried lots of DE bag before, and its so hard to find a comfy strap on DE bag. But my totally is different. I used it everyday since i got it, and totally comfy. No bitting feeling on shoulder. :smile:
    Forgot to add, mine is MM size.

  3. I share you're concern sushi girl the straps are what kept me from ordering the bag otherwise it's such a practical and beautiful bag and I have the tendency to overstuff my bags the straps seem very difficult though the SA told me that it could carry up to 200 lbs that seemed a little far fetched to me
  4. Whoa!! I don't think I plan to carry up to 200 lbs. on my shoulder but I do tend to pack a lot. Like a mule :lolots:
  5. Ooh- good to hear! Did you have the previous Totally to compare it to?

  6. I dont have the previous totally to compare. Mine is the newest version. Sorry cant answer you.
  7. That's ok- might be better, nothing to compare to! ;)

  8. I didn't feel that they were "way" thinner than the other totally bags. I had the mono in mm and I love the totally de straps. I do t feel they will dig in at all. Much more comfy than neverfull straps
  9. Is the drop length the same as the previous Totally? I really wish LV would add a couple of inches so that you don't have to keep taking off your shoulder to get in to it.
  10. I do not own a Totally, but I did try the Totally DE mm in the Troy, MI, store a couple of days ago.

    It seems like I would have a problem with the straps (or at least one of them) falling down, so I took the bag off of my wish list. Bummer. It looks like a great bag, and I was looking forward to using the side pockets for my keys and cell phone.

    I probably will try the bag again in the future just to make sure. I was wearing a cashmere cardigan (no coat), so I don't know if that would make a difference.

    P.S. The bag was very light.

    P.S.S. If you are in Michigan, the Troy store (free standing, not in Saks) is having a party this Thursday night (3/27) to launch new products. The SA told me that the Totally DE will be available to take home Thursday night. I did not pay too close attention to the specifics because I cannot attend. I recommend that you call first just in case I am mistaken about the time. All of the SAs there are great; I have never had a bad experience, and I am not a big spender in that store. I tend to buy all over when on vacation.
  11. I'm not sure but that's a good point. I love bags that I can just drop a strap to get into it. I have shoulders that slump a bit and have problems with bags that fall off etc.
  12. Thanks!

    When I put it on it seemed stiff. Not sure how much it would soften over time since it's the DE and not mono. Hmmmm...