New Store!!

  1. Hi, please no spam.
  2. I will keep it in mind...thank you for the post!
  3. I edited your post. We do not permit spam. If you are a contributing member here, we don't mind a plug after 75+ posts and after 30 days of contributing. Thanks!
  4. ^^^^^ Go Swanky! Its your Birthday! (To the tune of 50's "In Da Club") :P :lol:
  5. we gonna party like it's your birfday!!
  6. My Apologies! I thought this was the appropriate place for the post. Didn't mean to break any rules! Once again....sorry!:sad2:
  7. just like most people, we don't like to be spammed. As you can probably imagine, we're prime market for most retailers, so we get hit w/ a LOT of it unfortunately.
    Like I mentioned above, if you're a contributing member here and you want to mention your business later, that's probably fine.
    Hope you understand.