New store opening in Northridge, CA

  1. and they have the new Carly bags on display.......signature chocolate and denim!! It opens today, Friday April 20th!!

    Go!! I wish I could but we're leaving for Las Vegas!​
  2. Have a fabulous time in Vegas! If you gamble at all, good luck! It would be awesome to have some winning's to spend at Coach!
    I am only 35-40 mins. from Northridge. Thanks for the update.
  3. is it at the Northridge mall or...?
  4. yeah Northridge Fashion Center mall. I was there on Wed and I peeked through the window they had covered up while they were setting up and I saw those beautiful carlys at the front!!

  5. I used to shop at Northridge Fashion Center when I lived in California. I'm so surprised they haven't had a Coach store opening before now. Enjoy your Coach boutique!:smile:
  6. Thanks for posting this. I'm less than 30 minutes away!!
  7. I called them today to look for a handbag for a friend I wish I knew today was the opening exciting now I'm closely to the Legacy Leather Satchel in Whiskey......:yes: