New store opening here!

  1. How lucky am I to have 2 Coach stores within a 25 mile radius of me, and a new one about 6 miles from me opening in September!

    I submitted my resume today to work for them part time! :yahoo: I haven't done retail in forever, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  2. I was thinking of doing that as well since my youngest child is beginning Kindergarten in 3 weeks and I will now be home ALONE ALL DAY!!! Working P/T at Coach would be like a dream while they are in school!!!!! Good luck to you and keep us posted!!!!
  3. How exciting! I've said for the last 2 years that when my youngest goes into Kindergarten (in '08) that I'll get a PT job at Coach. Keep us posted!
  4. I haven't worked retail for over 15 years (since I first started college!), but I had the same thoughts when I saw the ad on the wall at the local mall.
    "Hmm, I could work there on weekends....."
    "Wonder what the discount would be"
    "UGH. What's the point! It wouldn't be payday, it would be exchange day - basically trading my paycheck for bags"
  5. i always thought about working at the coach store, since i do consider myself an expert ;). From what i heard, they get an excellent discount! Any discount is good for me! Plus, you get first picks of the new bags.