New store opening, any deals?

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  1. A new Coach Boutique is opening near me in a couple of weeks :yahoo:

    Up until now, there's only been an outlet close by, and that's about a 45 minute drive.

    Anyway, does anyone know if there are any usually any special deals at the new location when a Coach store opens?

  2. the coach boutiques never really have sales (on shoes every once in a while, but that's about it)

    I wish there was an outlet closer around here even if it meant one less boutique (there are like 7 boutiques within the area)
  3. It'd be cool if they had grand opening sales but I don't see that happening.
  4. Nope.
    The boutique opened here at the end of March.
    No specials, samples or freebies!:nogood:
  5. Thanks for the responses.

    I know they don't really ever have sales, but I was hopeful for maybe a little something special.

    Oh well. I suspect that I'll still be there on opening day :smile: