New Store Grand Opening - Hard To Find Bags Now Available!

  1. In case you didn't hear, a new store opened in Palm Beach Gardens. The Grand Opening Party (invite only) was last night, and the store officiallyopened at 10:00a.m. today! Chanel held all the inventory for the store, so they would have all the latest and greatest bags at opening! They have all those bags everyone is or was trying desperatelyto find! They have the vinyl cabas (the original one), the leather cabas (the first one that came out), the modern chain tote, just to name a few. They also have the new cabas in dark blue (teal), white and black. All these bags were available last night at the party for purchase. I saw many purchases made, but I still saw all of the above bags avilable at the end! If you're looking, call ASAP because the store is now in the system and will sell out fast! Also, it's a good chance to get on a waitlist for a future bag, as their list won't be long yet! Good Luck! :yahoo:
  2. Can you elaborate? A Chanel boutique? Florida??

    People sometimes forget that we have members from all over the world here so when you reference your own home place the rest of us could be clueless.
  3. Sorry! It's in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, in the Gardens mall on PGA Blvd.!
  4. ^^^thanks so much for info! So what did you come home with?? :smile:
  5. The dark blue (teal) cabas. I'm waiting on the khaki now! :yes:
  6. Oh you are sooooo lucky!! I got the white baby cabas and am waiting for the khaki as well!! :smile:
  7. do they have the python spirit collection - cruise 06?
  8. wow must have been like heaven!
  9. Luxuryfan, do you happen to know the contact number of the store? TIA:flowers:
  10. I called information and got the phone number.
  11. You are so lucky to have the oppertunity to attend the GO Party!!!!! I would have loved to see all the bags IRL!! Us poor souls that have no place to view the Chanel line have to depend on pics and descriptions - LOL
  12. That would definitely make it harder to just have to go by the descriptions!

    The GO Party was definitely nice!
  13. Oh, congrats on your new one!
    Please post a pic!
    When will yo be getting the Khaki? I'm getting crazy just trying to get an idea what it looks like.
  14. There are three coco cabas in vinyl left. I bought one for my young cousin as Christmas gift. Young girl doesn't need a caviar bag. hehe. Thanks Luxuryfan!!
  15. An invitation-only boutique party in Palm Beach... That must be Chanel heaven!