New stock at Cult Status coming soon!!!

  1. I got this email update from them today. The stock below is due in the next week or so...There is a delay on their shipment of First's. All First's are now due late Oct / early Nov (phew, I have a little more time to save up!)

    115748 - City regular black, violet
    128523 - Twiggy
    regular violet
    173082 - G.Part-Time
    Gold G yellow

    186184 - G.RTT
    Gold G yellow
    186184 - G.RTT
    Silver violet

    103208 - The First
    regular violet
    173086 - Brief
    regular violet, yellow
    177289 - Messenger
    regular black, steel,morgano
    186174 - Step
    regular black, steel,blue, violet, yellow
  2. Sorry about the spacing...Tried to make it easier on the eyes, but this is the best I can do...
  3. KDC, thanks for the heads-up. Didn't see any violet work w/ gsh. Sigh, sigh.:crybaby:
  4. thanks KDC!
  5. They are going to have the Ocean step! Who was looking for one of those? Sounds gorgeous!
  6. Thanks KDC!
  7. It's funny that they tell people when they are getting stuff in. BNY and Aloha Rag ALWAYS say 'We don't know' which you know is not true.
  8. Excellent, I'm moving to Perth next month, can't wait to see these. Any idea on how much a City is at Cult Status?

  9. It's AU$1,723.00 for export price and AU$1,895 for retail.:smile:
  10. Holy Crap!!!!! Geez.......better try and get one here. Wow.

    Thanks Nada.
  11. Cal all us Aussie's hear you! We think CS prices are huge, but most of the time we have no choice Down Under...p.s. LOVE your Avatar!
  12. Thanks for the headsup KDC! I'm been bitten by the Violet craze and am seriously lemming a Violet First! Do you know how much a Regular First is?:drool:
  13. jo_ee, the first in rh is AU$1,541 for export(exclude shipping charges) & AU$1,695 for retail. ;)
  14. nada, thanks! :smile: Prices are crazy at CS, huh! But what can you do when you've missed the boat at AR.. I'm not brave enough to order direct from Bal, so CS is the next best choice. Are you in Perth as well?
  15. I want the RH french blue is avaible?
    i'm italian :crybaby: