new stock at CDL in shopping sub forum, girls...

  1. Go check out the ebay/online thread....yummy
  2. Where? :shrugs:
  3. oops, I 'm a little retarded today!:shame:
  4. Here you go:

    Pre-owned Bags

    30cm Birkin, Blue Jean Crocodile with Palladium Hardware.

    30cm Birkin, Beige Rose MATTE Crocodile with Palladium Hardware.

    30cm Birkin, 2- tone Combination, Beige and Beige Rose combination with
    Palladium hardware.

    30cm Birkin, Vemillion Suede with Palladium hardware.

    40cm Kelly, Rouge H Buffalo with gold hardware.

    New Bags

    30cm Birkin, Rouge H Box leather with Gold hardware.

    30cm Birkin, Orange Ostrich with Palladium.

    30cm Birkin, Rouge MATTE Crocodile with Palladium.
  5. Will CDL reduce her prices? Her listed prices breach my psychological barrier.
  6. ^mine too......they're crazy!
  7. No....not crazy.
  8. well, I certainly think they're crazy................!!!!!!!!
  9. K, you know what? When you have resellers who command such prices, there is no chance they would cut down on their margins. They have so many successful sales already.

    Not unless EVERYONE here stage a concerted effort to force prices down collectively, then there will be a chance ... unless we are able to get the fanatical Hermes gene to back down? Back down Back down .... :roflmfao:
  10. YEAH! I agree mrs s......!!