New Stickie possibility: Reccomended SA's?

  1. We all know how daunting your first trip to LV is- trying not to mispronounce model names, embarrass yourself, and, most of all, hoping to find a kind, knowlegeable SA. So I thought that people could post the SA's they've found to be the best, like this:

    Store Location (ex. King of Prussia, South Coast Plaza)
    SA name (ex. Stephanie)
    City (ex. Boston, Chicago)

    It could also be useful for people who are going to a boutique where they don't have a regular SA. Is this a good idea or am I just having delusions of grandeur? :sweatdrop:
  2. ooo good idea !
  3. If I am not mistaken this topic has been bought up before and people aren't allowed to do that (recommend SAs by name). If you post that you are going to a particular location, other members may PM you if they wish to have you meet a SA they recommend.
  4. oops- my bad! If that's the case we could leave out the name and people could just post that they have a great SA for a particular boutique and for people to PM them.
  5. I think the issue was not name an SA that gave you bad service....two sides to every story and all that....but I don't think there is any issues when raving about someone :smile:
  6. ITA :yes:
  7. I think it'd be ok if people just posted about SAs they particularly like, but the name would be revealed only by PM. It's kind of a privacy thing and makes it fair for the rest of the SAs in the store so all the business doesn't go to one or two particular SAs.
  8. ^^^lol, I don't have a problem with that, maybe the snotty ones would learn...they might actually give some decent customer service....kwim?
  9. Lol yeah it'd be good in that case but there are probably other SAs that are just as good that haven't had as many customers and haven't really established a base yet.
  10. I have no problem sharing experiences with Saks Michigan Ave & the Michigan Avenue boutique in Chicago if anyone ever needs to know :smile: Via PM of course!
  11. Same here!! I have great SAs that I've dealt with at the Rodeo Drive store and the Fashion Valley store. Definitely PM me if you need a good SA at one of those stores. :smile:
  12. I have experience with both of the Boston LV locations--Copley Galleria and Saks 5th Ave (Prudential Center). PM me if you would like some names of excellent SAs! :smile:
  13. I think almost everyone who shops at valley fair has good SAs, or has PM'ed me....but I have 3 gals I like, plus can help you know who the shoe specialist, accessories (jewlery, watches) specialist, or repair specialist is if you need :smile:
  14. If you're ever on vacation in Maui by Lahaina I have a great SA at the Whaler's Village boutique.
  15. same here with rodeo drive!
    i wonder if we've had the same one... i dont remember her name though...